Sunday, 7 October 2012

To Be Surprised

There's a number of different activities you can do in London and one of main things to do, is to be the audience in a number of different TV programmes. You can gain the tickets on for free tickets that will enable you to experience the world of Television. As a Television production student, going to these shows are giving me the ability to learn while having fun at the same time. The tickets I have were priority tickets which meant I was on the third row from the stage and had brilliant view of the entire set. 

The shows presenter is Holly Willoughby, it's a show that encourages people with amazing stories to come forward and tell it. Normally the persons family would enter them on the show and it becomes a surprise to the wonderful people who needs recognition of the wonderful things they have been through or have done. 

Going to a show like this allowed me to open my eyes to how fast paced working in the television industry is. As we waited outside it was controlled by what I can only describe them us the applause runners. They were approachable and knew what they were doing after leading us into the building and giving us the seating which were allocated to us. Watching them setting up the cameras had me amazed because of the technology they were using, plus the multi camera techniques they had set up for the show was inspiring. As we watched the show unfold the out takes and cuts they did was embracing as I didn't know they did that with staged shows like this one. A number of people were on the show and we were told that we would be the audience for at least three episodes which I found amazing as they shoot parts of different episode and Watching JLS perform was the highlight of my night.

Tickets for the show - FREE