Wednesday, 20 February 2013

up to 50% off Dresses


Looking for the best deals for a dress which I can wear to my friends engagement party I came across this on, this is something I couldn't let slide out of my grasp and couldn't let you not know. The dresses on this site will suit near enough everyone's style. This site has one of the best deals and I would recommend the site to anyone over and over again. The quality on the material is really good and will last a long time. I haven't had a item from there and I have been using the site for a while. Its a website which is easy to use and safe, the delivery is reasonable and delivers on time no question needs to be asked another quality it has, is that it tracks all delivery  I have listed a number of dresses which I like and plan to buy and look forward to knowing which ones you have chosen.

Evelyn Peter Pan Collar Colour Block Skater Dress - £10 was £20
Patsy Pink Front Chiffon Dress - £15 was £20
Georgie Pearl Collar Sleeveless Maxi Dress - £15 was £25 
Bella Contrast Top Bandeau Mixi Dress - £15 was £30
Dee Ruffle Cap Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dress - £12 was £20

I love these dresses and the price for them are unbeatable, they are gorgeous and with 10% NUS student discount and free delivery when you spend over £30 with discount code FREE30 you possibly cant say no happy hunting :)


Monday, 18 February 2013

Another Year Another Day

As me and Ieuan had planned to stay in for Valentines day, we choose to cook a meal, watch a film and spend the evening together. We had gone out the night before to actually celebrate it but Ieuan being all romantic I woke up to these gifts. He cooked a stunning three course meal soup for starters, A minted lamb dinner and profittor rolls and chocolate for afters. After dinner I entered back in the room and Ieuan had placed rose petals on my bed and on the floor with candles placed all around. He created a romantic setting and a stunning night. Valentines day is nothing special but its a day which can be created for wishful thinking, its a day created for love and one which I will not forget. 

History Of Valentines Day 

No one really knows why we celebrate this season but according to the catholic Encylopedia, there was a priest known as saint Valentine, and in the 270 AD he lived in Rome. During this time the Romans were banned to hold marriages and on the 14th of February this priest when against the rule and married a number of people anyway and since this day it has become known as Valentines Day a day where you can celebrate your love for another. People believe its become a holiday which was created by card factories to gain money but believe what you want its a day for celebration even when you don't want it everyone likes getting a card tell the truth :P


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hearts all Round

On the 13th of February a day before Valentines Day, a late meal was booked in the names of me and Ieuan. Due to a wowcher deal we were able to dine an unlimited three course meal at the Hilton Hotel for only £26, the wowcher deal included the boat ride back and forth the river and a stunning meal at the luxury hotel.

OUTFIT Pink Lace peter pan collar - NUS Discount £12 (ordinal price £15) 
Primark Black Plain Tights - £2.50
Newlook Black Lace Heels military style - £30 (birthday present) 
River Island gold leaf necklace - £6
River Island Pearl stud Earrings - £3 
Primark Pink and Black Clutch Bag - £8

My outfit was bought for this evening £31.50 it came to in total and I'm now in love with it, I think it went perfectly for the evening and Ieuan seemed to really like it, the outfit was inspired by last and new years seasons and was put together over time leading up to the night, it took me in total two hours to get ready and I used a number of my new products from the range Soup & Glory which will feature in my blog before the month is up :)

The meal started at 7.30pm so we left at 5.30pm to make sure we arrived on time, we traveled to Canary Wharf and caught a boat over to the stunning Hilton Hotel at 265 Rotherhithe Street, Hilton London, Docklands, London, SE16 5HW.

The hotel is on a stunning location with amazing views all round, eating our food we were surrounded b the river and the buildings with the lights which were spectacular. The hotel reception was huge and light and the staff were really helpful and kind, the layout was all over the place but with some help we were taken to our seats.

Old School


Main Meal


The meal itself was stunning, the choices were limited as it only really had certain types of foods which if people don't like your buggered, I wouldn't recommend for a vegetarian to go as it didn't really have much choice; but if you're a meat lover like myself and loves a mixer of flavors and the meat which melts in you're mouth you'll love it. if you get the opportunity I recommend the restaurant and if you have the chance to stay at the hotel please let me know your experience.  

I would rate this night - 8/10 


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Naughty but Nice

Day three of the valentines craze and as 50 shades as become one of the biggest sex driven books in the UK alone and the reason why most sex shops haven't gone out of business, its only fair that I create a blog post based on it for this Valentines day.

I've always been big on what makes a person tick and I've always been interested in trying new things, dressing up and being wild is amazing, well my point of view is when your comfortable with a partner then why not enhance your sex drive and invite new things into a relationship it's always been about the spice of your life for me, don't get me wrong whips and chains don't excited me but being in a long distance relationship is hard so surprising him now and again is always the best way forward.

sex shops have rocketed there sales since the book became popular selling twice even tripped their digits on some of the more raunchy items, so why not help them out and make your night a very special occasion with nearly half price on nightwear online at this valentines give me a reason not to..

Esme Black Babydoll - £28 (normally £35)

This dainty babydoll is made from ultra fine lace that's seriously seductive. Featuring a keyhole detail at the back with ribbon tie, it'll make the perfect sexy addition to your lingerie collection. Wear with the matching Esme string to complete the look -

To make your night more interesting why don't you bring some toys into the mix, even use a toy featured with the books, be exciting wear them out in public get you and your partner ready for a very long night or excitement or even just use them for home use.

Ophoria Jiggle Balls/Pink - £7.50 (was £18)

These funky weighted jiggle balls by Ophoria give you multi-orgasmic sensations whilst toning your pelvic floor muscles.
Personal training has never been so good with these incredibly gentle jiggle balls. You'll experience heightened stimulation as you move around too, so you can have lots of fun as you tone your pelvic floor. Plus, stronger muscles mean more powerful orgasms too, so you can improve your sex life with regular use!
Made from 100% silicone, they feel silky smooth and totally amazing, especially when used with lubrication. -

There are a number of items to choose from and many deals to pick have amazing deals on at the moment for valentines who like to spice it up don't be afraid to try something new. My new thing this Valentine is Bluezeus for him and Pink Venus for her its basically the blue pill for him and her but in shot form im very excited for it and at £4 a shot you cant go wrong.

just a little something for them shy girls who don't like trying new things how about a simple babydoll

Kickerbox Lola Red BabyDoll - £20

This girly chiffon set includes a red babydoll and matching thong. Complete with polka dot bows, ruffles and spaghetti straps, it's comfortable, sexy, and guaranteed to make you feel gorgeous. -

I really hope you have a fab valentines days :)

Tomarrow - The perfect outfit


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lazy Valentine

Day two as my promised Valentines craze of a week, today ill be giving you ideas for a night in with the lover.  As me and Ieuan are celebrating Valentines for two day's, one of which is a stunning meal in the Hilton and a boat ride down the river tems and then on the 14th a traditional romantic night in of movie watching and cwtches .

some of the ideas we have which may help your romantic night

Start the night off with a three course meal best way to prepare for that are two ways Ieuan has chosen three stunning courses, tomato soup with buttered buns for the first course, Lamb and mint dinner with roast veg for main and chocolate sponge with cream for desert. My idea would be tinned soup, microwave chicken dinner and sponge cake from Tesco luckily Ieuan is cooking. but seriously its as easy as that pick three courses that you both like but stay away from takeaways make it romantic be spontaneous   

After the meal a romantic setting could be placed, rose petals candles the perfect romantic night, fairy candles are £3 at the most and rose petals are £2 a pack from most retailers, the perfect setting for a magical night. There are a 100 and 1 deals on for dvds at the moment in Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys at just £3 - £7 for them perfect valentines specials, with even bigger savings online from and

Dvds that I have Bought

The Lucky one (staring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling) - £7
One Day (Staring Anne Hathaway) - £5
Unknown (staring Liam Neeson) - £4
Remember Me (staring Robert Pattinson and Emilie DeRavin) - £3

The best kind of gifts chocolate which in most retailers are half price at this moment in time. A nice bunch of flowers can be bought at £5 and teddies are always a favorite at as little as £3.99 but what ever you choose this Valentines being with that someone special is always more romantic :)

Tomorrows - Naughty or Nice put abit of spice in your night


Monday, 4 February 2013

Single and Ready to Mingle

As promised a five day page of the fun things you can get up to this Valentines day, if your single and feeling blue about this whole love thing I have a number of simple things that you could possible do to make your Valentines a special day even if you are flying solo.

For something enchanting and spectacular how about a singles night out to the stylish JuJu bar in Chelsea, for a night full of handsome young single men. This once in a life time experience is filled with flirty games, top hit songs and a dance floor to dream off. The dress code is Masquerade so grab your glam rags, chuck on a bit of lippy collect a mask and party the night away... you never know MR Right could be around the corner.
Dated - Wednesday 13th of Feb
Price - £20 a ticket
For more information visit

If you and your girl pals truly want a valentine how about ganging together drawing names out of a hat, and creating a secret valentine, which is basically secret Santa but with teddies, chocolate and flowers noone gets unnoticed. chuck a few films on a glass of wine and turn a romantic night into a night in with the girls with the added bonus of prezzies :)

if your not feeling the party seen and just wanna stick your onies on, watch a romantic film and eat ice-cream because your scared to open up to that special someone how about this valentines day you grow a back bone, send that individual a card and start something magical. Cards don't cost much 80p from a local card shop or even £2.99 from you never know dreams can come true it only takes one :)

Tomorrow - My theme will be Lazy Day, how to make your chilled out night a passion for success


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bag Mad

This stylish bag is everywhere at the moment from the Luxury brands down to the high street knock outs, it's this seasons fashion trend and a must have buy. It has become the IT bag in most online shopping experiences and everyone I know has one, ranging in a number of different colours the stylish light brown bag has become the one everyone wants, with each brand the style is different but its still pretty much the same, price range from £30-£60 or even higher with the Luxury becoming more common.

If your like me, who aims to follow the fashion trends but on a budget this fancy stylish bag sells at just £12 in Primark, it's light weight, thick material can with stand a evenly amount, with the material glued as well as stitched the style should last for a good while. the inside is deep with one zipped pocket and two evenly placed pouches. thick handles and one firm over the shoulder strap will help lug my Uni books back and forth. I am very happy with my over all find.

Starting my valentines day craze on Monday the 4th of Feb, I aim to get you lot ready, as I'm a traditional girl, valentines is one of my favorite holidays. I aim to post everyday for three days and I'll post my valentines experience to ensure you have the best deals ready for your sweet heart to make your day as special as I can.

The things I may include


So get ready be amazed at what stuff I have planned for you :) don't miss out