Sunday, 20 January 2013

London's Got Talent

As a television Production student my aim is to attend as many Audience Sets as possible applying on Applause I gained four tickets to watch Britain's Got Talent as we didn't cue until 3pm we didn't get the seats that we wanted but we were seated above the judges. 

Watching the crew set up gave me a understanding of how these shows work. It was completely different to how Surprise Surprise was set out, I think it has much to do with the fact that Surprise Surprise was a stable set up which is used every week and Britain's Got Talent is a moving set which goes all around Britain looking for the next winner. I cant give to much away which happened while filming because it hasn't aired yet but keep a look out for the 46 (I think) Old women who exercises on a chair ... Amazing 

Ant and Dec

Me, Annie, Ieuan and Megan went to watch this show, we all really enjoyed it. The acts were all amazing and the on host presenter which entertained us between sets kept us amused. Going to shows like this gives me a huge boost on the career that I want. 

 For an experience like this can cost you nothing again go to the Applause website and hope for the best you can have amazing tickets and they are all FREE.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Abit Of History In Our Lives

As you can properly tell me and Ieuan like our day trips out so on this wet Saturday morning we decided to travel London. The British History Museum were on the cards after which I would get my nails done. Just before Christmas I had seen this deal in the Harrow Middlesex HA1 2DE nail shop which is a town near me and had to explore while we were out to see if they had the same deal on. For a set of Acrylic Square shaped nails with Black gel nail polish and glitter particles, estimated time for appliance one hour for £20 but as I'm a student 10% off with a student card was applied and I only paid £18, to look after your nails don't wear them out not perfect for jobs with heavy lifting and a lot of hand movement and must refilled every 2-3 weeks. Now in London I can not tell you if that's a good deal but where I come from I would have paid £32 and £5 extra for the nail polish with no discount applied. The deal is open to anyone and has become my must have item every month to book an appointment call The Only Way Is Glam on 02084273533.

After getting my nails done we set out to the British History Museum, we walked around looking at the history of the world and explored into the nation which we never knew. we realized that a place like this would be a perfect for growing children and people which love to gain the ability to understand the world. For us it was a lovely experience and a opportunity to express our knowledge of what we knew which we found out wasn't much, a Museum isn't for everyone and a few years ago it certainly wasn't for me but going there and exploring it with Ieuan was an amazing experience. 

After the British History Museum we Traveled to the London's Bridge to explore the sights down there, we found out that the dungeons were there and priced them up as we really want to see what that's all about and for £54 you get access to London Dungeons, London eye and London's sea world, we plan to find out more in April. The sights all around London is unbelievable and there's so much more to learn.

For a day like this comes to
 Acrylic Nails - £18
British History Museum - FREE
London Bridge - FREE
Oyster Card - £10 on Both


Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Bronze Effect

My first post of 2013 and I think I should kick it off with a bang, as I have neglected the fact that I have passion for fashion, but bare with me this is my first proper post on items I do plan to get better  :)

Jewellery can be produced for a large range of material, but gemstones, beads and certain types of metals are the most desirable. During 2012 Bronze and swarovski jewellery flew off our shelf's selling almost millions from any jewelers to any high street brand. Bronze items for instant, you were looking at prices ranging from £4-£12.

The items that I have bought and have decided to blog about are the four necklaces and three rings that I have bought from each item costing 99p with free postage delivery took around a month but with the price I got it was truly a bargain. each item will go with a number of different outfits and will accessorize on any given day. I am pleased with my over all items.

Skull Necklace - 99p
Heart pendant - 99p
Tinkerbell Necklace - 99p
Owl Necklace - 99p
Owl Ring - 99p
Love Ring - 99p
Mask Ring - 99p