Little Old Me

My name is Jayne I come from a small town located in Wales I recently moved to London; to start a Television production course at the University of Westminster after much encouragement off my Gramma I decided to make the biggest move of my life. Being from a small town that nothing ever happens, and then moving to London where the city never sleeps has become amazing. The number of outrageous things that have happened to me since I've moved have been unbelievable, I have seen amazing things, I've been to events that I thought I would never attend.

Since the 15th of September my life has changed rapidly, I have visited places all around London, I have been to a number of free events. The bargains that I have noticed since I moved here have been the inspiration to create this blog. I haven't fully decided what my blog will be completely based on but my main aim is to blog about the deals, bargains and free things that I can get. I will also blog about the places that i visit, since moving to London.

The loves in my life are old things, new things, free things, bargains and Ieuan <3 and most of all doing all of them things with him. We have been dating since the 10th of May 2012 and since I met him, my life has been incredible. We constantly love doing things together and visiting places and most of all we love bargains :)

Things that will be included within this blog
- fashion
- Beauty
- free events
- Bargains
- Food
- Sight Seeing
- Television Production

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