Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sparkling Lights

Since living in London I have done some pretty amazing things, more things than I thought I would have ever done while living in Wales. On the 6th of November Myself, and two of my flat mates Megan and Annie decided to attended the Christmas Lights at Westfield's shopping centre in White City where Taylor Swift was performing live although when we researched the event and found out we would actually need wrist bands to enter the stage, to watch the performance we decided to go anyway as we didn't want to wait around at seven aclock in the morning to receive a wrist band. Arriving at the event around thirty minutes before and walking all around the centre trying to find away in through the curtains and being moved along by the security we were actually escorted into the stage area. We we were able to watch the performance, I guess we were at the right place at the right time I just feel for all the people who waited around for wrist bands.

The images were taken from the Blog Annie Million with permission off the owner as my quality photos are awful.

Me and Megan

Taylor Swift 

Me, Annie and Megan 

As we settled into the stage area Taylor Swift was announced and so was Westfield's chosen charity 'save the children' which was a small group of children aged between six and nineteen who came on the stage to help Taylor Swift switch the Christmas lights on, the count down began and the lights were put on along with inside fireworks. shortly after Taylor Swift performed three of her songs 'never ever, getting back together' and 'Love story' which are my all time Favorite Taylor Swift songs and her recent one 'red' which I heard for the first time that night. Her performance was amazing and worth turning up on a wim and getting in to watch the show without stressing about wrist bands.

Although people waited around for a wrist band and we didn't have to, it was a free event. As a student you don't have enough to indulge in events such as music festivals and live performances free events such like this are a must go everything you do these days needs a budget so doing your research and going anyway can pay off in the long run.