When deciding to create this blog and choosing a name I decided to dedicate it to my late grandmother Gloria June Johnson she passed away on the 29th of December 2012 and died at the age 65. She was my role model growing up and will continue to be so through my life.

She was a loving caring women that never failed to make me laugh even up to the day she died, she always knew how to put someone up when they were down. Over the past four years I became closer to her and formed a bond no-one could possibly break she became my best friend, my mother and everything in between. We were inseparable always laughing, bitching or shopping. Shes everything that I want, she had amazing stories, background, family and friends and her life ethic was always spotless.

She had the most shining blue eyes that lit up a room when she entered she was the Diamond in my eyes and because of her I am able to achieve the things that I want. She has pushed me so far, furthest I thought I could ever go, she encouraged me to follow my dreams and because of her I will continue to do so through this blog.

Naming this blog came easy to me but creating the content took time, I have many interests through my life which include Fashion, Beauty, Home and sight seeing, For anyone who has met my gramma they will know her ability to abstain a good working bank account and grab a bargain when she could my goal through this blog is using the tools my gramma taught me and create an affordable living in London as a student and still gain the benefits of a happy well designed life style.

I still feel the pain of losing my grandmother but she has become my inspiration of creating something that can hopefully inspire a world around me to be able to create an enjoyable readable blog that will encourage people to do the things I do, I come from a small welsh town with a background of broken dreams and lacking abilities to be inspired by friends and family but it only took one wonderful aspiring person to encourage me to do what I wanted, I now sit on my bed at the University of Westminster at the Harrow Campus creating this blog which you can read; of the places I've been to, the deals I got and the dreams which came true..


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