Saturday, 15 December 2012

Iced Fashion

As a birthday present for me, my flat mate Annie was invited to the catwalk on ice event, as a gift she asked me to go along with her. The event was hosted at the Tower of London which I found very exciting I've never been to that part of London and especially I have never been to an event like this. Apart from being able to ice skate after the event I was very excited. 

Entering the event and grabbing a glass of champagne with Annie, we settled down by this seasons dressed mannequins as we watched crowds of people enter the event, there was a number of reality stars that walked in such as Joey Essex and Lauren Pope from TOWIE, Binky, Cheska, Ollie, Jamie and Spencer from Made In Chelsea. While waiting for the catwalk to begin we approached Ollie and Cheska and asked them for a photo they happily posed. They were both really friendly but Ollie amazed me by the pleasant encouragement of us attending the event, he was extremely friendly and asked us questions rather than the other way round. 

The show will go on, being the fact that its the middle of the December month, so you can imagine how cold it's going to be we walked and took a seat at the catwalk on ice and waited for the show to start 25 amazing, great designed outfits glided down the catwalk. Pricing them was a bit pricey but for these kind of styles your paying for quality and its worth every penny, during the January sales there will be a number of breathe taking deals with up to 40% off named brands.

The show was breathe taking, the outfits were amazing and the skaters were great and apart from the guy who tried to land a front flip and didn't the show went out with no problems. After the show we were able to skate, I was awful at the start and SOOO scared but after encouragement off Annie I was able to complete a full lap of the ice rink with no help :) after about 45 minutes I left the ice, as I was taking my skates off I took the opportunity to have a picture with Joey Essex (and what a horrible person he turned out to be, although he posed for a picture she was such an ass about it)

At the end of the night we were each given a goodie bag with 3 pairs of socks, gloves, scarf and ear warmers for them perfect winter nights.

Not everyone can gain tickets to events such as this but when you do; take the opportunity to look at the collection and meet some amazing people.