Saturday, 15 December 2012

Iced Fashion

As a birthday present for me, my flat mate Annie was invited to the catwalk on ice event, as a gift she asked me to go along with her. The event was hosted at the Tower of London which I found very exciting I've never been to that part of London and especially I have never been to an event like this. Apart from being able to ice skate after the event I was very excited. 

Entering the event and grabbing a glass of champagne with Annie, we settled down by this seasons dressed mannequins as we watched crowds of people enter the event, there was a number of reality stars that walked in such as Joey Essex and Lauren Pope from TOWIE, Binky, Cheska, Ollie, Jamie and Spencer from Made In Chelsea. While waiting for the catwalk to begin we approached Ollie and Cheska and asked them for a photo they happily posed. They were both really friendly but Ollie amazed me by the pleasant encouragement of us attending the event, he was extremely friendly and asked us questions rather than the other way round. 

The show will go on, being the fact that its the middle of the December month, so you can imagine how cold it's going to be we walked and took a seat at the catwalk on ice and waited for the show to start 25 amazing, great designed outfits glided down the catwalk. Pricing them was a bit pricey but for these kind of styles your paying for quality and its worth every penny, during the January sales there will be a number of breathe taking deals with up to 40% off named brands.

The show was breathe taking, the outfits were amazing and the skaters were great and apart from the guy who tried to land a front flip and didn't the show went out with no problems. After the show we were able to skate, I was awful at the start and SOOO scared but after encouragement off Annie I was able to complete a full lap of the ice rink with no help :) after about 45 minutes I left the ice, as I was taking my skates off I took the opportunity to have a picture with Joey Essex (and what a horrible person he turned out to be, although he posed for a picture she was such an ass about it)

At the end of the night we were each given a goodie bag with 3 pairs of socks, gloves, scarf and ear warmers for them perfect winter nights.

Not everyone can gain tickets to events such as this but when you do; take the opportunity to look at the collection and meet some amazing people.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sparkling Lights

Since living in London I have done some pretty amazing things, more things than I thought I would have ever done while living in Wales. On the 6th of November Myself, and two of my flat mates Megan and Annie decided to attended the Christmas Lights at Westfield's shopping centre in White City where Taylor Swift was performing live although when we researched the event and found out we would actually need wrist bands to enter the stage, to watch the performance we decided to go anyway as we didn't want to wait around at seven aclock in the morning to receive a wrist band. Arriving at the event around thirty minutes before and walking all around the centre trying to find away in through the curtains and being moved along by the security we were actually escorted into the stage area. We we were able to watch the performance, I guess we were at the right place at the right time I just feel for all the people who waited around for wrist bands.

The images were taken from the Blog Annie Million with permission off the owner as my quality photos are awful.

Me and Megan

Taylor Swift 

Me, Annie and Megan 

As we settled into the stage area Taylor Swift was announced and so was Westfield's chosen charity 'save the children' which was a small group of children aged between six and nineteen who came on the stage to help Taylor Swift switch the Christmas lights on, the count down began and the lights were put on along with inside fireworks. shortly after Taylor Swift performed three of her songs 'never ever, getting back together' and 'Love story' which are my all time Favorite Taylor Swift songs and her recent one 'red' which I heard for the first time that night. Her performance was amazing and worth turning up on a wim and getting in to watch the show without stressing about wrist bands.

Although people waited around for a wrist band and we didn't have to, it was a free event. As a student you don't have enough to indulge in events such as music festivals and live performances free events such like this are a must go everything you do these days needs a budget so doing your research and going anyway can pay off in the long run.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

To Be Surprised

There's a number of different activities you can do in London and one of main things to do, is to be the audience in a number of different TV programmes. You can gain the tickets on for free tickets that will enable you to experience the world of Television. As a Television production student, going to these shows are giving me the ability to learn while having fun at the same time. The tickets I have were priority tickets which meant I was on the third row from the stage and had brilliant view of the entire set. 

The shows presenter is Holly Willoughby, it's a show that encourages people with amazing stories to come forward and tell it. Normally the persons family would enter them on the show and it becomes a surprise to the wonderful people who needs recognition of the wonderful things they have been through or have done. 

Going to a show like this allowed me to open my eyes to how fast paced working in the television industry is. As we waited outside it was controlled by what I can only describe them us the applause runners. They were approachable and knew what they were doing after leading us into the building and giving us the seating which were allocated to us. Watching them setting up the cameras had me amazed because of the technology they were using, plus the multi camera techniques they had set up for the show was inspiring. As we watched the show unfold the out takes and cuts they did was embracing as I didn't know they did that with staged shows like this one. A number of people were on the show and we were told that we would be the audience for at least three episodes which I found amazing as they shoot parts of different episode and Watching JLS perform was the highlight of my night.

Tickets for the show - FREE



Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bargain Market

On the hunt for bargains me and my flat mate Annie decided to head to Camden for the day, we explored the whole market in search for items which would indulge our lust for fashion, style and icon. As my blog will be based on a number of things which includes fashion, this was my aim to catch up and start to build my non existing wardrobe. Moving to London became a fashion shock, I realized I have no style and living with someone like Annie who looks amazing in any style she owns, encouraged me to build a style which will shock the people around me.

To create a style on a budget I decided to only take only £45 out with me and with £5 put on my oyster card I had £40 for the big market experience. After searching the market for a couple of hours We decided to head for food, with a number of stalls to choose from we choose the Mexican fajitas and with what I had £5 was a bargain as I had a tray full of food and a bottle of water.

 With the last £35 in my pocket I went on the hunt for some items with Annie's help i bought two tops, One Jumper a bowler hat and a necklace. I had an amazing bargain on each item but on the other hand, as Annie didn't take money with her her best Bargain was the experience of Camden Market and that to me was Priceless

Heart Jumper - £12
Cross Top and I Love Mustache Top - £10
Necklace - £5
Bowler Hat - £8 


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The City

As my blog will be about the best ways to help you create the perfect way for you to save money, my first proper post will be about my day trip into London with Ieuan. I haven't been living in London for very long so everything that happened on this day was entirely new to me and Ieuan, our aim is to spend as less money as possible but to have the best time we could possible have.

Our day started at around 11am, we had breakfast packed a bite to eat and set off it was fairly warm out so layers were not needed. we topped £10 each on our oyster cards and set off on the tube. we got off at the Green Park Station and walked to Buckingham Palace, the sights were unbelievable

At Buckingham Palace we saw the guards march and visited the palace gift shop, the jewellery within that shop was amazing but the kind of jewellery that you look at not buy :) before entering the shop we sat at the palace fountain and we both made a wish, to find out my WISH stay in tuned until this time next year when hopefully my wish will come true.

we spent the full day in London, sight seeing and walking round the streets we visited a number of shops looking at a number of items which we found funny such as personalized condoms, 'I'm With...' T-shirts and sun glasses. We had an amazing day but i will admit that we did in fact get lost and walked right round Victory Street a number of times 

Sight seeing in London has been a great adventure, we spent only £20, we tend to enjoy seeing new things and exploring the world around us and doing it without spending money is the best way to experience things. Anyone reading this who does live in London who is constantly on the go who doesn't stop to appropriate the city they live in, next day off take a walk and realize that its magical. take your kids to the park or take a romantic stroll and the best thing of all its PRICELESS



Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Big Move

Applying to University became the longest waiting game of my life because of the big move to London. I was well prepared and started buying things for my room as early as May 2012 but even to this day seven weeks later it still feels unreal and as if I've forgotten something. I come from a small town and its a town where everyone knows each other, so moving to London where I know just a hand full of people which actually I haven't seen since moving here was a breathe taking experience. 

I woke up at 6.00am that morning, but actually didn't fall asleep until 2.00am, I spent the night at my uncles as he was driving me to London and because my boyfriend Ieuan was spending freshers week with me he stayed with me at my uncles which I know he soon regrets. I was so excited for my big move I kept him up most of the night and at one point he actually pushed me out of bed :P

Waking up at 6.00am wasn't hard and waking up to a knock at the door from my best friend Rowenna became actually a pleasant send off, she had placed balloons all around the garden and set party poppers off in my face which to me was a nice surprise. The journey lasted Three and half hours and on arrival I collected my keys and continued to my room. as I was pulling into the car park I noticed that I most likely had the most boxes, our seven seater car was packed full to the top but after settling in, my flat mate told me that she had a van to bring her stuff here which made me feel a lot better.

My room is small compared to my room at my grandmas but I made it feel as homely as I could

I love how the room has turned out and that I can now feel at home. my Flat mates are amazing and I know ill love how London life will treat me :).