Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The City

As my blog will be about the best ways to help you create the perfect way for you to save money, my first proper post will be about my day trip into London with Ieuan. I haven't been living in London for very long so everything that happened on this day was entirely new to me and Ieuan, our aim is to spend as less money as possible but to have the best time we could possible have.

Our day started at around 11am, we had breakfast packed a bite to eat and set off it was fairly warm out so layers were not needed. we topped £10 each on our oyster cards and set off on the tube. we got off at the Green Park Station and walked to Buckingham Palace, the sights were unbelievable

At Buckingham Palace we saw the guards march and visited the palace gift shop, the jewellery within that shop was amazing but the kind of jewellery that you look at not buy :) before entering the shop we sat at the palace fountain and we both made a wish, to find out my WISH stay in tuned until this time next year when hopefully my wish will come true.

we spent the full day in London, sight seeing and walking round the streets we visited a number of shops looking at a number of items which we found funny such as personalized condoms, 'I'm With...' T-shirts and sun glasses. We had an amazing day but i will admit that we did in fact get lost and walked right round Victory Street a number of times 

Sight seeing in London has been a great adventure, we spent only £20, we tend to enjoy seeing new things and exploring the world around us and doing it without spending money is the best way to experience things. Anyone reading this who does live in London who is constantly on the go who doesn't stop to appropriate the city they live in, next day off take a walk and realize that its magical. take your kids to the park or take a romantic stroll and the best thing of all its PRICELESS



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