Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bargain Market

On the hunt for bargains me and my flat mate Annie decided to head to Camden for the day, we explored the whole market in search for items which would indulge our lust for fashion, style and icon. As my blog will be based on a number of things which includes fashion, this was my aim to catch up and start to build my non existing wardrobe. Moving to London became a fashion shock, I realized I have no style and living with someone like Annie who looks amazing in any style she owns, encouraged me to build a style which will shock the people around me.

To create a style on a budget I decided to only take only £45 out with me and with £5 put on my oyster card I had £40 for the big market experience. After searching the market for a couple of hours We decided to head for food, with a number of stalls to choose from we choose the Mexican fajitas and with what I had £5 was a bargain as I had a tray full of food and a bottle of water.

 With the last £35 in my pocket I went on the hunt for some items with Annie's help i bought two tops, One Jumper a bowler hat and a necklace. I had an amazing bargain on each item but on the other hand, as Annie didn't take money with her her best Bargain was the experience of Camden Market and that to me was Priceless

Heart Jumper - £12
Cross Top and I Love Mustache Top - £10
Necklace - £5
Bowler Hat - £8 


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  1. Awww! You are too nice! You always look gorgeous silly!