Sunday, 20 January 2013

London's Got Talent

As a television Production student my aim is to attend as many Audience Sets as possible applying on Applause I gained four tickets to watch Britain's Got Talent as we didn't cue until 3pm we didn't get the seats that we wanted but we were seated above the judges. 

Watching the crew set up gave me a understanding of how these shows work. It was completely different to how Surprise Surprise was set out, I think it has much to do with the fact that Surprise Surprise was a stable set up which is used every week and Britain's Got Talent is a moving set which goes all around Britain looking for the next winner. I cant give to much away which happened while filming because it hasn't aired yet but keep a look out for the 46 (I think) Old women who exercises on a chair ... Amazing 

Ant and Dec

Me, Annie, Ieuan and Megan went to watch this show, we all really enjoyed it. The acts were all amazing and the on host presenter which entertained us between sets kept us amused. Going to shows like this gives me a huge boost on the career that I want. 

 For an experience like this can cost you nothing again go to the Applause website and hope for the best you can have amazing tickets and they are all FREE.


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