Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fashion, Style and Blow-dry

On the 30th of January 2013, Myself and a few fellow bloggers were invited to the stylish, up market Leticia Haute Coiffure event hosted at the relaxed and inviting beauty salon in Chilten Street. This top end independent hair and beauty salon owned by stylist and hair sensation  Leticia and Pierre Doumit, created an award winning atmosphere which wowed the creative bloggers which were encouraged to gain the experience of which the salon offers.

Entering the salon you automatically get a sensationally powerful feeling of hope and achievement of what has gone into this place that has made it so popular, the light and aired salon gives you the impression of warmth, with a style so unique to the owners that it expresses their personalities and feelings to their customers with a simple out lay of furniture, lightly patterned walls and dark interior design encourages you to enter unwillingly into the mask of seduction and sensation that you may feel. white pebble dash stairs that float you down to the rooms of relaxation and coloured lighted ceiling helps you create a friendship and familiarity to the place for your next return  

Talking to the hair struck sensation Pierre Doumit about the quality of my hair and the unfortunate hair-loss that I have seemed to gain over the coming years was only as I predicted very keen to help, he suggested a number of reasons why this may be possible two of which could create a perfectly good meaning behind it.
One - STRESS, and considering I have an act of worrying and over thinking things, stress isn't far behind. Two - A MISSING VITAMIN WITHIN MY DIET, since moving to London myself and flat mates have created a menu with the most popular ingredient of Chicken, considering I don't eat much else this could be the common goal to my hair loss and I will Quote 'Fish, must be in all diets. it's a big part of your protein intake' - Pierre Doumit.

15 Minute blow-dry


When accepting the invite, we were offered a treatment which were a blow-dry, facial or manicure each treatment would have cost £40 each, choosing my choice was easy, never having this treatment before I was very excited. Having Pierre which is the creative director of the whole salon was an amazing experience he has a unique style and influence on a persons head, his quick and stylish technique can transform a style in minutes, with a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage before styling provides you with an atmosphere which gets you ready for the finished piece as he kept saying quick and easy blow-dry because of MAGIC HANDS. This treatment although is expensive I would highly recommend it either for a day trip, night out or just everyday styling I would definitely experience it again.     

On leaving the salon, the staff and hosts were very pleasant and thanked us all for coming. On leaving we each received a goodie bag which included the understandable prices of the salon, A fashion and style guide for hair and beauty trends, A (very questionable for me) L'Oreal Rice Lift (basically anti-wrinkle cream) and Essie nail polish shade 753 DA BUSH which to me is a very neutral colour (reminds me of a type of mint colour). I'd like to give a huge thank you to Leticia and Pierre Doumit for giving me an experience that I wont forget and for giving me a nice little goodie bag.

On the over all experience of this event I rank it 8/10