Monday, 18 February 2013

Another Year Another Day

As me and Ieuan had planned to stay in for Valentines day, we choose to cook a meal, watch a film and spend the evening together. We had gone out the night before to actually celebrate it but Ieuan being all romantic I woke up to these gifts. He cooked a stunning three course meal soup for starters, A minted lamb dinner and profittor rolls and chocolate for afters. After dinner I entered back in the room and Ieuan had placed rose petals on my bed and on the floor with candles placed all around. He created a romantic setting and a stunning night. Valentines day is nothing special but its a day which can be created for wishful thinking, its a day created for love and one which I will not forget. 

History Of Valentines Day 

No one really knows why we celebrate this season but according to the catholic Encylopedia, there was a priest known as saint Valentine, and in the 270 AD he lived in Rome. During this time the Romans were banned to hold marriages and on the 14th of February this priest when against the rule and married a number of people anyway and since this day it has become known as Valentines Day a day where you can celebrate your love for another. People believe its become a holiday which was created by card factories to gain money but believe what you want its a day for celebration even when you don't want it everyone likes getting a card tell the truth :P


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