Monday, 4 February 2013

Single and Ready to Mingle

As promised a five day page of the fun things you can get up to this Valentines day, if your single and feeling blue about this whole love thing I have a number of simple things that you could possible do to make your Valentines a special day even if you are flying solo.

For something enchanting and spectacular how about a singles night out to the stylish JuJu bar in Chelsea, for a night full of handsome young single men. This once in a life time experience is filled with flirty games, top hit songs and a dance floor to dream off. The dress code is Masquerade so grab your glam rags, chuck on a bit of lippy collect a mask and party the night away... you never know MR Right could be around the corner.
Dated - Wednesday 13th of Feb
Price - £20 a ticket
For more information visit

If you and your girl pals truly want a valentine how about ganging together drawing names out of a hat, and creating a secret valentine, which is basically secret Santa but with teddies, chocolate and flowers noone gets unnoticed. chuck a few films on a glass of wine and turn a romantic night into a night in with the girls with the added bonus of prezzies :)

if your not feeling the party seen and just wanna stick your onies on, watch a romantic film and eat ice-cream because your scared to open up to that special someone how about this valentines day you grow a back bone, send that individual a card and start something magical. Cards don't cost much 80p from a local card shop or even £2.99 from you never know dreams can come true it only takes one :)

Tomorrow - My theme will be Lazy Day, how to make your chilled out night a passion for success


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