Wednesday, 20 February 2013

up to 50% off Dresses


Looking for the best deals for a dress which I can wear to my friends engagement party I came across this on, this is something I couldn't let slide out of my grasp and couldn't let you not know. The dresses on this site will suit near enough everyone's style. This site has one of the best deals and I would recommend the site to anyone over and over again. The quality on the material is really good and will last a long time. I haven't had a item from there and I have been using the site for a while. Its a website which is easy to use and safe, the delivery is reasonable and delivers on time no question needs to be asked another quality it has, is that it tracks all delivery  I have listed a number of dresses which I like and plan to buy and look forward to knowing which ones you have chosen.

Evelyn Peter Pan Collar Colour Block Skater Dress - £10 was £20
Patsy Pink Front Chiffon Dress - £15 was £20
Georgie Pearl Collar Sleeveless Maxi Dress - £15 was £25 
Bella Contrast Top Bandeau Mixi Dress - £15 was £30
Dee Ruffle Cap Sleeve Bodycon Midi Dress - £12 was £20

I love these dresses and the price for them are unbeatable, they are gorgeous and with 10% NUS student discount and free delivery when you spend over £30 with discount code FREE30 you possibly cant say no happy hunting :)


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