Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bag Mad

This stylish bag is everywhere at the moment from the Luxury brands down to the high street knock outs, it's this seasons fashion trend and a must have buy. It has become the IT bag in most online shopping experiences and everyone I know has one, ranging in a number of different colours the stylish light brown bag has become the one everyone wants, with each brand the style is different but its still pretty much the same, price range from £30-£60 or even higher with the Luxury becoming more common.

If your like me, who aims to follow the fashion trends but on a budget this fancy stylish bag sells at just £12 in Primark, it's light weight, thick material can with stand a evenly amount, with the material glued as well as stitched the style should last for a good while. the inside is deep with one zipped pocket and two evenly placed pouches. thick handles and one firm over the shoulder strap will help lug my Uni books back and forth. I am very happy with my over all find.

Starting my valentines day craze on Monday the 4th of Feb, I aim to get you lot ready, as I'm a traditional girl, valentines is one of my favorite holidays. I aim to post everyday for three days and I'll post my valentines experience to ensure you have the best deals ready for your sweet heart to make your day as special as I can.

The things I may include


So get ready be amazed at what stuff I have planned for you :) don't miss out




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